NC-FRIENDS: Electronic Discussion Group

The NC-FRIENDS electronic discussion group is sponsored by the Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries.

What is an electronic discussion group?  An electronic discussion group is a wonderful online communication tool used to share ideas or questions with a large number of people at the same time via email. Send a question or information you want to share and your message is distributed to all of the members of the group. They then have the opportunity to respond to your query or announcement.

NC-FRIENDS is open to anyone with email access and an interest in Friends of the Library issues and/or public library service. Do you want to learn about projects, programs or speakers? Use NC-FRIENDS to trade information with other North Carolina Friends of the Library groups via this electronic discussion group. There is no charge to join the NC-FRIENDS electronic discussion group, but you do have to sign upa€”so subscribe now and take advantage of this statewide service.

Subscribe to the NC-FRIENDS electronic discussion group now! Ita€?s easy and ita€?s free!

Go to and sign up now.

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